What information do I need to provide when applying to rent a property?  All information required is detailed on the application form.  This includes previous rental/ownership history and employment history as well as personal referees and lease start dates/terms.  Also included in the application is a list of all necessary documentation required to be attached.  These include forms of identification, tenancy ledgers, pay slips and bank statements.

What is the length of the average tenancy?   For residential properties, the fixed term is normally 6 or 12 months, but can be negotiated between the landlord and tenant, so it can be really any length subject to both parties agreeing.

If I am successful in applying for a property, what happens next?   You will be required to pay a holding deposit equivalent to 1 weeks rent to secure the property. You will then need to make an appointment to sign the lease documentation and pay another weeks rent in advance plus the equivalent of 4 weeks rent for the residential bond.  These must be paid in the form of a bank cheque or money order.  Subsequent rental payments can be processed online by EFT or direct debit.

What should I do if I change my postal address, bank account, phone numbers, email etc? Please notify us in writing as soon as possible.

I want to vacate my rental property, what do I need to do?   To end your tenancy you will need to give written notice to your property manager.  The notice period required will be different depending on the situation.

How much notice am I required to give if I am in a current fixed term lease?  14 days written notice prior to your lease expiring.

How much notice an I required to give if I am in an expired lease?  21 days written notice

What happens if I need to break my lease?  When you sign a fixed term lease you are committing to stay for the full term.  If you circumstances change and you want to move out before the end of the fixed term there are costs involved.  You will need to give as much notice as possible.  You will be required to pay rent until a suitable tenant is approved or until your lease expires whichever comes first. There are also break lease fees involved.

What time will the tradesman come?   The tradesman will contact you direct to arrange a suitable time.  If instructed by you the tradesman can collect keys from the office.

I need some repairs done, who do I call?  All requests for repairs or maintenance must be in writing to your property manager.  You may do this online, via email or fax.  It is our aim to attend to these issues as quickly as possible, however on occasion we may be required to obtain quotes and seek approval from the landlord.

What about after hour emergencies?  For emergency repairs contact your property manager first.  If out of hours please call the office number and follow the prompts, if your call is not answered leave a message and the property manager on roster will return your call.  If it is an absolute emergency then call a trades person. 

Do I need to attend the final inspection?  It is recommended that you attend but not necessary.  If you don't attend we will contact you after the final inspection is complete.

How do I pay rent?  When you move in you will be given your personal reference number.  It is highly recommended that you set up a direct debit this will ensure that your rent is paid on time.

I am unable to pay my rent on time, what do I do?  Contact your property manager ASAP to discuss your options.  Do not wait until you are behind.

Should I fill out my section of the condition report or just agree with the agent?  You will need to fill the condition report out, if you agree with the agent then mark agreed otherwise mark 'No' and make your changes as necessary.  You have 7 working days to return your condition report, otherwise you are agreeing with its current condition.

How long will it take to find out if our application has been successful? Applications are assessed as soon as practicable, once all references have been received and checked.

Why can I not have pets at a unit? The landlord may not deem his property suitable for pets.  Strata By Laws may not allow pets.

If I change my mind after paying a deposit can I get the deposit back?  If you change your mind - NO, unless the owner states otherwise.

How many inspections will be done at the property during the year? Initial inspection within the first 2 months into the tenancy then very 4 to 6 months

What will happen if I don't pay my rent on time?  This will show on your Tenant Ledger and will affect your future tenancies.  You are at risk of your tenancy being terminated.



What is your % charge?   7.7%

When will we be paid?  Our owners are generally paid mid and end of month.

How will my property be marketed?  The Edge Coffs Harbour offer a comprehensive marketing campaign for all of our rental properties which includes: Listing on all the major website portals including, but not limited to -,,  The listing will also appear on our Facebook page; full colour in house booklets; A4 window card; regular open homes; Advocate property guide, For Lease signs and database marketing.

How will my tenants be selected?  We have a thorough vetting process for all applicants.  We require tenants to submit 100 points of ID to verify their identity.  We also request and verify the details of two previous rental references or living arrangements.  We also require confirmation of income and/or employment from the applicant.  We also check the applicants details on the national tenancy default databases such as TICA.  Once these checks are completed we discuss the application with the landlord so any further enquiries can be made, ultimately the decision of the tenant selected lies with the landlord.

How will any repairs and maintenance be handled?  Once a tenant submits a request for maintenance to be carried out, we contact the landlord for instructions.  This gives the landlord the opportunity to assess the repair and advise a course of action they would prefer, such as repairing the items themselves or having a preferred tradesman attend.

When can I increase my rent?  The Edge Coffs Harbour constantly assesses the market to ensure your investment is well-placed and achieving the maximum possible return.  The tenant must be given a minimum of 60 days written notice prior to an increase in rent being effective.  (Fixed term agreement is for a specified period i.e. 6 months etc - a periodic agreement is where the fixed term has expired or no fixed term is specified).